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At Bonnie View Farms, all our horses are raised to be safe, well-schooled mounts that exemplify the breed standards of the Mountain Horse Breed Associations. Our foals are lovingly handled by both children and adults right from day one. By their first year our foals can load on and off a horse trailer, travel over bridges, walk through water, navigate obstacles, and work without fear around traffic and busy areas.

The Mountain Horse Breed Associations are dedicated to the preservation, development and promotion of the Mountain Horse in which the natural gait breeds true. Superior breeding is used to enhance the gait and other desirable characteristics in successive generations. To this end, no action aids, devices, or harsh training methods are permitted, and we feel the same. At Bonnie View Farms our horses are taught to be safe, respectful, and well-schooled, but allowed to progress naturally at their own pace. Our horses are taught with a balance of desensitization and sensitization exercises, so that they become calm and quiet, yet at the same time soft, supple and collected. This is accomplished through our own unique, and time tested true, combination of the many training techniques and philosophies in existence; including classical dressage and natural horsemanship. Some of our favorite clinicians include: Guy McLean, Clinton Anderson, Craig Cameron, Stacy Westfall, Sean Patrick, Tommy Garland, John & Josh Lyons, Pat Parelli, and Larry Whitsall.

The Mountain Horse Breed Associations also strive to produce horses that meet the highest standards of the breed - a horse for all occasions and riders. As such precise Rules of Registration and Certification have been established to preserve the highly desired gait and breed characteristics. At birth Mountain Horse foals can be registered and provided with Temporary Certificates of Registration. Once the Mountain Horse begins to mature and is started under saddle it is then assessed by a qualified veterinarian for health, and 3 Registry Officials to determine that it does indeed exceed the breed requirements for gait, conformation and temperament. Once Certified the Mountain Horse is then provided with Permanent Registration Papers.

At Bonnie View Farms, we offer a smooth transition from our home to your home. We assist the new buyer in learning to ride their gaited horse, with one-on-one instruction for both the horse and the rider. Training is available in English pleasure, Western pleasure, or Saddle Seat disciplines for both trail and show. We also offer training in gait development and aid in Certification. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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