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BVF's Remington Steele

Remi is available at stud to a limited number of mares for 2020.
Artificial Insemination Only. Live Foal Guarantee. Multiple Mare Discounts.
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Remi is our gorgeous double certified RMHA/KMSHA grulla (black dun), (DOB 4/20/13), a very rare colour in the Mountain Horse breeds. He stands 15.0hh, with a compact, muscular build. Remi is beautifully put together, with outstanding conformation and textbook dun markings; including a dorsal stripe along his back and zebra striping up all four legs. He is super calm, gentle, and loves to please. Remi is also very inquisitive, and extremely friendly too! His bloodlines include “Ramblin Rex”, “Sam Clemon's Tim”, “Dock” and “Tobe”. This gorgeous boy is definitely an eyecatcher!

Remi is an experienced riding horse; he's done lots of trail riding, been on many overnight camping trips, to several busy horse shows, done trail obstacles, etc. Remi also has a super smooth gait, and a lovely collected canter too.

Remi is formerly one of our breeding stallions, gelded July 11th 2019, through no fault of his own! We wished to downsize from 3 breeding stallions to just 2, and Remi was the most logical choice to geld as he is the younger brother to our chocolate stallion Tribute. Additionally, another consideration in choosing Remi is his extremely social nature; Remi greatly prefers being with other horses to living the solo life of a stallion. Prior to gelding Remi we collected and banked frozen semen, so he is still available for breeding to.

Remi will need a couple of weeks to heal up from his surgery, become fully sterile, and be re-integratred in to living in a herd setting. Remi should be ready for sale towards the end of August.

Remi's Upcoming 2020 Foals:

♦ A chocolate dun or chocolate foal out of our mare “Valkyrie
♦ A chocolate dun, chocolate bucksin, or chocolate foal out of our mare “
♦ A grulla (black dun) or black foal out of an outside mare “Maggie
♦ A chocolate or black foal out of an outside mare “

Remi's 2019 Foals:

Harmony a chocolate filly out of our mare “Cadence

Remi's 2018 Foals:

♦ “Shiraz” a red chocolate filly out of our mare “Déjà
♦ “Zephyr” a grulla (black dun) colt out of an outside mare “Angel

Remi's Pedigree Click To View Remi's Pedigree

Check Out Remi's Click To View Remi's Facebook Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Too

Dun Deja Vu!
(Photo Credit: Shawn Hamilton of CLiX Photography)
(Photo: Fall 2018)

Dun Deja Vu!

Hello Handsome!
(Photo Credit: Teresa Osborne)
(Photo: Spring 2018)


Momma Kisses XOXO!
(Photo: Spring 2013)

Momma Kisses XOXO!

Still Wet Behind The Ears!
(Photo: Spring 2013)

Still Wet Behind The Ears!

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